We have news for you !

Answer the following questions and look no further for help !

Have you been transferred to work from home on an online system because your office has closed due to the virus infection in the city?

Are you a student or a teacher and now have to use distance learning from your home computer because the school has been temporarily closed?

Do you need help setting up your computer for this new challenge?

Some of the things you might have trouble with are:  You have no clue on how to get started, you have a slow computer, you need a new computer, your computer has a virus infection, your computer is not protected enough to use on the Internet, your printer doesn’t work, or you need a printer, your Internet doesn’t work even though you have service.  If any of these issues is affecting you right now, don’t hesitate and fill out the short contact form we have and give us a call anyways.  It doesn’t hurt to ask for help.  We are offering extraordinary help to get our community going with this nightmare.  We are offering special discounts and are not even charging for a few of our services (ex. consulting) to help you deal with the situation.

- Is your computer acting funny? - Is it so slow that you have to wait when you click just a few times? - Has your Internet stopped working?
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If you feel frustrated, upset, and about to throw your computer away, STOP!  There’s hope, take a deep breath and go for a walk.  Then, give us a call, we are here to help.  We’ll ask you a few questions, and if we determine it is not worthy repairing it, we’ll be honest and let you know.  But if it can be rescued, help is on the way!

We offer Warrantied Services.

Once our services are performed on your computer, you will be able to enjoy it with warranty and multiple support options.

Interested in a free crash course?  Ready to start learning?  See video on the right.  Visit our FAQ page for more info. on these videos.  Search for “free crash course.” In a nutshell, the wide screen video on the top is the one to start on the following week of the one you see to the right of this text with the following title:

* Crash Course Computer Science Preview


We believe you can have piece of mind working with your computer once we repair, clean up, tune up, and protect it for you.  Don’t stress out with the videos we present on different areas of our site.  They are intended for a wide audience and we try to show mostly basic information for the curious minds.

Computer Repair & Maintenance Made Simple

Almost anyone can perform work on your computer, but not everyone is qualified and offers the same warranty like us. What makes the difference is our keen eye for detail and completion of the job.  Our repair and maintenance packages deals take care of most if not all your computer issues.  And they also come with a flexible warranty according to your budget and needs.  The Home Office and Small Business Wireless Network installation service will leave your network working efficiently and we’ll even run a test for your actual speed and make a basic assessment of your equipment security at no charge for you.