How much do you charge for individual services? For example, if I only need a cleanup on my computer, how much does it cost me?

Our individual service charges vary mostly according to the use of the computer in need.  All cleanup and tune-up services have 3 levels of work that we can perform on them.  For example, computers that are used just a few hours a week might need just a basic maintenance performed on them, while others might need longer and more advanced work.  We decide what type of maintenance is actually needed based on the diagnostics that must be carried out to achieve the most accurate work possible.   Cleanup jobs prices range from $55 (basic), $75.00 (plus), and $95.00 (premium).   Tune-ups have the same cost structures.   Security Systems also have the same price arrangements plus the cost of the software itself.  Hardware installation and setup for Windows PCs have a rather large price list.  Prices range from $29.00 to $99.00 for most of the standard jobs plus parts cost.  Malware removal services range from $49.00 to $147 with a maximum of 3 hrs. service on your location.  If the job cannot be completed within this time, a flat fee ($199.00) would take place for removal of your computer and completion of the job in our location.  Also, installation and configuration of a professional security system can be set up on your equipment after the cleanup has been completed. This service will be included with the flat fee, but would be charged separately if an hourly job was performed.