Should I have a full Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Maintenance done on my computer?

If you are having issues with your computer and no one has performed maintenance on it for a while (6 months or longer), maybe it is due now. Computers nowadays have evolved into very complex machines and they perform thousands of processes very often. Unfortunately, all these software interaction and constant upgrading plus Internet malware and hacker threats, create a lot of headache for computer users. This is where our full bundles come in place. We have worked for many years to develop these options for our clients with two main objectives in mind. One of them is to create a safety net for these machines for longer periods of time, and the other is to save our clients money in hourly fees. Performing this type of job once a year should be considered as an investment instead of an expense for your computer.

Do you prefer to buy a new computer every year and start all over again? Just the setup, installation of multiple applications, data backup and transfer, and implementation of a professional security system will most likely cost much more than the most advanced of our Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Maintenance bundles.