What do your maintenance bundles consist of?

We currently offer 9 different Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Maintenance bundles….three for home user computers, three for home business computers, and three for small company computers. We call these bundles Basic, Plus, and Premium. Depending how damaged is your computer’s operating system due to virus infections, lack of maintenance, or many other reasons, our tech will let you know which maintenance bundle is necessary for your machine to function properly and more efficiently. Only after we perform a full diagnostic of your machine, we will be able to choose the right maintenance bundle for your equipment. Hardware repairs or replacements are not covered with these bundle deals.

Basic bundles have a 90 days warranty, Plus bundles have 180 days warranty, and Premium bundles have 360 days warranty. These warranties are limited to the specific job performed on your machine. The 90 days warranty covers one free visit and repair (if related to job performed) during this period. The 180 days warranty covers two free visits and repairs (if related to job performed), and the 360 days warranty covers four free visits and repairs (if related to job performed) successively. All these visits have a limited time of two hours each. If repairs require more time, arrangements can be made for a flat fee.