What is your warranty for services labor and hardware?

Standard labor for software repairs and network is 30 days.  Hardware repairs (labor) is 60 days, however parts usually have one full year for replacement.   Individual services such as the ones included in computer maintenance tasks carry warranty as follows (30 days – one visit for “basic”, 90 days – two visits for “plus”, and 180 days – three visits for “premium”).  Warranty for malware removal will have a range of 30 days – one visit to 90 days – two visits if hourly rates take place (max. 3 hrs.).  If a flat fee and installation of one of our professional security system was implemented, then this warranty would be extended to 360 days – four visits. Our bundle repair-maintenance-tuneup-security deals warranty start with a generous 90 days warranty for “basic” deals, 180 days for “plus” ones, and 360 days for premium ones.